Flights are going to fly Soon!

The industry experts predict the landscape of the travel industry to change in the coming few months. With a sharp increase in the demand, the prices of tickets are bound to increase exponentially. Governments will place precautionary travel regulations which shall affect the flight routes and availability. Moreover, the chaos caused in the rush to grab the lowest fare prices is bound to create confusion while booking with the airlines.


Don’t worry, GoMosafer has an easy solution for you!

Lock Your Seats with our automated booking system for just QAR 100 (FULLY REFUNDABLE).

How to Lock Your Seat?

Step 1 - Contact us via WhatsApp, email or call.

Step 2 - Provide your travel details.

(destination, expected travel date range, preferred airline, passenger name and maximum affordable cost. )

Step 3 - Pay 100 QAR (FULLY REFUNDABLE) via the payment link/ cash over the counter to lock your seat.

Step 4 – Your details will be saved within our automated booking system.

Step 5 - Once the airline and the airport are operational, our automated booking system will instantly grab the seat with the lowest fare before the prices shoot up.

Step 6 - Our customer service team will contact you with the booking details. You will have 24 hours to finalise your trip.

Step 7 - If you choose to travel, your ticket shall be processed upon the payment of the ticket fare. 
 if you choose not to travel, you will be refunded QAR 100.


Book your tickets at the lowest fare with GoMosafer!

Lock your Seats today to fly tomorrow!

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